We’ve been designing platforms to empower deep interests for a long time. We ran one of the most successful start-ups back in the day and had 3,000,000 networks. So, we know just how powerful the right platform can be for people gathering around a shared interest.
For members, it can be life changing. And for the world, well, it couldn’t be clearer today the value of a new social network for the deep interests that bring us together, not just the well-worn identities that are tearing us apart.
A Mighty Network brings context and focus to deep interests. Every Mighty Network uses breakthrough algorithms and smart technology to connect members by their location, by the topics they choose, and by the categories they define. And with everything for an interest in one place, content, conversations, and other members never get lost.
So, if you’re inspired to come together with others to pursue your interests in a really powerful and meaningful way, we encourage you to create your own Mighty Network for free today.
Gina Bianchini
CEO and Founder
Create a Free Network