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Build a membership community around your individual work
$16 $12 /month
Build a brand and a business with community at the core
$47 $39 /month
Advanced integration features for scaling your community and business
Members Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Get Paid with Member Subscriptions Yes! Yes! Yes!
Transaction Fees (After Processing Fees) 5% 3% 2%
Hosts 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Web, iOS, and Android App Access Yes! Yes!
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Growth and Sharing Features
Public Landing Page
Invite by Link
Invite by Email
Special Invite for Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
Accelerated Invite Sending
Member Referrals and Rewards
Multiple Moderators
Core Features
Blog-Style Articles
Posts with Photos, Videos, Files, and More
Members Online Now
Members by Location
Top Members
Member Categories
Questions & Polls
Online Meetings
Live Chats
Local Events
Zoom, Crowdcast, and Facebook Live Integration
Surface Events by Location
Add Articles, Posts, and Activity to Group
Organize Group Events
Group Messaging
Surface Groups by Location
Featured Content for New and Returning Members
Custom Web Favicon
Host Management Features
Use Your Own Domain
Comprehensive Host Analytics of All Activity
Google Analytics Integration
Website Integration Link
Custom Navigation Link (Sell Merchandise & More)
Custom Member Application
Customize Network Discovery Page
Download Member Data & Emails
Network Activity Monitoring via Slack
Priority Support
Zapier Integration
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Set up your Mighty Network, pick a plan later
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long are your contracts?
No contract required! We offer monthly plans that can be cancelled or downgraded at any time.
Is there a discount if I purchase a whole year of service at one time?
Yes! When you purchase an annual plan, you get between two and three MONTHS of service for free.
Is your 14-day Free Trial really free?
Absolutely! Your 14-day Free Trial is 100% free and there’s no credit card required. Plus, you can continue to use our Creator Plan for free after your trial ends.
Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?
Nope! You’ll only be asked to enter your credit card when you’re sure that a Mighty Network is right for you.
How do I cancel my service?
You can cancel your plan at any time directly from your Mighty Network.
Can I switch plans?
Of course! You can easily change plans directly from your Mighty Network.
How exactly do I get paid?
You can offer member subscriptions to your Mighty Network for your fans or members to support you on our free Creator Plan. Read more about member subscriptions here.
What are your transaction fees?
We take a small transaction fee (as low as 2%!) on each member subscription before credit card processing or fees charged by Apple. This is how we’re able to offer the option to get you paid for free.
Do each of your plans really support an unlimited number of members?
Absolutely! We don’t believe in per member fees like you find on other services.
Do I need a separate web host for my Mighty Network?
Nope! Every Mighty Network includes secure hosting.
Can I connect a Mighty Network to an existing website?
Yes! With our Business Plan, you can map domain map your Mighty Network and set up custom links between your website and Mighty Network.
Have more questions?
Check out our Help Center or drop us a line.
Looking for something this good in an enterprise package?
You’re in luck.
You’re in luck.
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